Image optimisation is an extremely important point in the area of website performance optimisation. Unfortunately, many website operators neglect this important work - until now! Because with us, this sometimes tiresome topic is finally a thing of the past. Our in-house image optimisation is a server-side service and frees you from optimisation plugins or paid services. Your WordPress instance remains completely untouched by us.


  • Creation of the respective WebP versions
  • Server-side redirect to the WebP images
  • Quality level freely selectable and also customisable
  • Uncomplicated and quick to set up
  • Available free of charge for every tariff

If image optimisation is active, we also automatically check whether new images have been uploaded to your WordPress library and then optimise them based on your settings. A quality value of 80% is completely sufficient for most websites and also has no visible loss of quality.


For websites with an extremely large number of images, it can take some time until the initial optimisation is complete. In the WMS you always have an overview of the total size saved.

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