Off-the-shelf WordPress hosting? Not with us! We don't just install a ready-made control panel from a third-party provider and call ourselves a hoster. From the beginning, we have specialised completely in WordPress and have built and optimised the entire infrastructure for it. With us, you get truly optimised WordPress hosting - that's what we stand for with our name!

  • Optimised workflows
  • Clean implementation of the functions
  • Our system is "Made by us" to 100%
  • We use our own hardware and are a RIPE member
  • Many years of experience in working with WordPress

Basic, Plus:
For optimal performance and insulation, we divide our Host systems into their own KVM instances according to the tariffs. A website in the Basic tariff is therefore not in the same KVM as one in the Plus tariff. Our 110% WordPress optimisation keeps the performance level extremely high and the server load very low. Interference from other websites can be virtually eliminated with these tariffs. Each individual tariff instance has 10 CPU cores, 32 GB RAM and is connected to the network with 2 GBit/s (dedicated).

  • Max. 50 web pages per Basic instance
  • Max. 25 websites per Plus instance

We have nothing to hide and are open about the utilisation figures of our individual tariffs. Our tariff instances have an average CPU load of 5-20% - at extreme peak times it is rarely more than 40% per instance. So you see, we keep our promise and offer you TOP WordPress hosting.

Business, Business Plus:
This is a dedicated virtual server based on KVM (full virtualisation). Dedicated resources and a separate IP address ensure maximum performance and flexibility. Each KVM instance is connected to our network with 1 GBit/s (dedicated). Up to 10 GBit/s are possible on request.

With our MultiBOX-Addon you also have the option of running several websites on your business server.

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