Our hosting is too 110% WordPress optimised. To get the maximum performance out of your website, we offer specially adapted server configurations for selected caching plugins. Currently supported plugins are:

Please note that the use of one of these plugins is mandatory with us! The Cache Enabler convinces with its fast cache engine, simplicity and it is free of charge. For this reason, we also pre-install this plugin on all customer websites.

Normally, each time a page is called up, the respective HTML file is recreated via a PHP worker in conjunction with many database queries and then delivered to the visitor. However, this costs time and CPU power. Caching plug-ins save the finished HTML file once and then deliver it to the visitor via "PHP redirect". This step already brings an enormous improvement in performance, but the PHP worker is still in the "game" as a limiting factor.

Our PowerCache on the other hand, bypasses PHP completely. The NGINX web server delivers the HTML files directly to the visitor without a PHP diversions. This solution provides by far the best performance and is still compatible with shop solutions such as WooCommerce. The prerequisite for a functioning PowerCache is the use of one of the above-mentioned caching plug-ins. Our system automatically checks which caching plugin you have installed and adjusts your server configuration accordingly.

But that's not all - we also cache your RSS feed and deliver it via the PowerCache. Many of our customers use the RSS feed as a "news source" for their own apps, for example. Thus, we also offer you maximum performance for your website in this area.

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