With the Migrator plugin, you can move your existing WordPress website to us with one click. All you need is the SiteKey, which you can obtain directly via the WMS.

Even large websites with over 50 GB of memory can be migrated without any problems. Domain changes are also possible. For example, if you now use the domain oldwebsite.com and have the domain neuewebseite.de we automatically adjust all paths in the database. After installation, you will find the Migrator plugin in the WordPress backend under Tools -> WPINABOX Migrator.

1. Order the tariff you want from us.
2. Download the Migrator plugin from our customer area.
3. Install it on the website that is to be migrated.
4. Enter the SiteKey.
5. Click on the button Start migration - Ready!

Once the migration is complete, we will automatically inform you by e-mail.

During the migration, we already optimise your website in two important places, the database prefix and the MySQL storage engine. If the WordPress default prefix (wp_) is still used, we optimise it for a higher security of the overall setup. For better performance, we automatically convert MyISAM database tables to InnoDB tables.

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