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Why Cyprus?

Why Cyprus?

"Living and working where others vacation." This was our long-awaited vision which we have finally realized in early 2022. We work hard, but still enjoy the 300+ days of sunshine a year and the "uncomplicated" life here in Cyprus. But not everything has moved with us - our servers are of course still located in the Maincubes data center in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This way we can offer you our first-class infrastructure for your websites as usual.

WordPress in a BOX was from the beginning to 100% Made & Hosted in Germany - now we are 100% Hosted in Germany & Improved in Cyprus 😉

Another small note on the General Data Protection Regulation:
The GDPR is a regulation at EU level. Cyprus (southern part) is in the EU whereby the GDPR of course also applies to us. After ordering, you will of course also receive an AV contract from us.

Updated on 14. August 2022

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