Are there benchmarks?

Of course, we could set up a minimum page and publish benchmarks for it. However, in our opinion, this is the wrong way and does not return any real values. Every website is built differently and therefore uses different plugins and themes. So there are countless possibilities, especially with WordPress, to build and design a website.

We have customers from all requirement areas. From small business websites, to extremely high traffic WooCommerce online stores. Even requirements that are not met by TV advertising can be handled by our servers without any problems and with a lot of reserves.

Our Basic and Plus Instances can process several million cached requests per minute. In order to be able to deliver real values, we did not test this with a fake website - but with our own live site ( Prerequisite for optimal performance on our servers is the use of one of our shared caching plugins. Our server configuration is specially adapted and optimized for this. In a completely different league are our Business rates. Your website is there alone in a KVM instance and can claim the full performance for itself. Of course, you also have the full workload power (PHP, database) just for you. With our business tariffs we can also offer you enterprise solutions.

Here is another Link to the WP Benchmark ( Of course, we have also tested here with our website. This website is operated with our normal Basic tariff and is also located on our normal customer instances.

Updated on 14. September 2021

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